Edventure Nepal 
Children's Home

Edventure Nepal Children's Home, is home to 12 lovely angels.  In order to put the children’s home on a secure financial footing, the founder Amrit Tiwari started the Hotel Love & Light Social Enterprise project.  This project gives 20% of its profits to the children’s home.

Pink Lee is another co-founder of the Hotel Love and Light Social Enterprise project, as well as the founder of Light On Charity (registered in Hong Kong).  Pink has always been very supportive to Amrit in bringing resources to the children’s home since 2011.  In 2014, she had collaborated with a Hong Kong Charity VolTra in launching a group workcamp volunteering service, named "Love and Light Action - to orphans in Nepal".

Local Community

The aim of the workcamps is to bring love and light to the children in Nepal, as well as developing deeper bonds between human beings.  In addition, providing funding to Edventure Nepal to pay for the children’s needs.

However, the 7.8 mag earthquake stuck Nepal on 25th April, 2015.  And the workcamps had been suspended.

Realizing that Edventure Nepal had to discover more ways to self-sustain itself beyond simple donations, the team developed the Hotel Love and Light project.  Their aim is to build a sustainable business and make enough profit to donate 20% to Edventure Nepal for the daily operation as well as the children's education.

20% Profits
Go Into Good Causes

"Be the change you want to see."
                                                      - by Gandhi

The Hotel Love and Light project not only aims to sustain Edventure Nepal, it aims to be a role model for Nepalese society by giving employment to socially disadvantaged individuals.

This project would like to be a social enterprise model that remembers social responsibility while making profits.  It hopes to ignite qualities of love and light in each individual, thus bringing a positive change to society.

If you would like to make a difference together and volunteer with us, please contact us.