In-House Cafe

& Restaurant

Organic and Fresh Food


Our staff is happy to welcome you in our restaurant every day which is open from 7.00AM until 10.30PM. Providing good and healthy food to our guests is of importance to us. Our staff is very conscious about hygiene. For that reason we always use purified water to wash the fruits and vegetables. All our dishes contain fresh organic ingredients without added processed flavours.

We serve local Nepalese food and western dishes made with love. For breakfast you can choose two types of breakfast sets. First we have our Love set which includes our fusion pancakes made of millet and wheat. Secondly you can choose our Light set with toast and fresh eggs (served as you wish). We are glad to serve you!


At this moment our food menu is in the making.




Hotel Love and Light in Pokhara provides free drinking water for all guests. You can daily fill your own bottles, before you go and explore the surroundings. The in-house cafe also offers a list of local typical Nepalese drinks, such as Lassi, Masala tea and hot lemon ginger with honey. Or simply enjoy a nice cup of filter coffee on the rooftop with a beautiful mountain view.