Meaning of "Namaste"

Yoga & Meditation Room

Our guests are most welcome to use our yoga and meditation room (upon request and when it is free) on the rooftop. As Nepal is the birthplace of Hatha yoga we also want to give you the opportunity to experience a Hatha yoga class.


Do you want to take a free yoga class*? Please inform us a few days before your arrival and we’ll arrange a Hatha yoga teacher for you.


* Free yoga classes are only available for Deluxe room guests and will proceed when a minimum of 4 guests register.  For dorm guests, a discounted price 400RS will be charged.  For people who are not residents of Hotel Love and Light are also welcome for our yoga class, they will be charged 500RS per head.

About Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga is one of the oldest classical styles of yoga. In Sanskrit Ha means sun and tha means moon. These refer to the balance of two opposites. Yoga means union of the individual self or divine self and refers to a spiritual discipline or exercise aimed at control of the senses.


Hatha yoga combines the practice of asanas (postures) postures and pranayama (breathing exercises). Yoga can give you relaxation and help to prepare your body and mind for meditation. In this moment of meditation you’ll be taking slow and deep breaths while sitting cross-legged or laying down in savasana. At the end of every session a moment of silence and soft spoken instructions helps you to find inner peace. You may find love and light inside...

Love and Light


Love and Light are the two most powerful forces we can work with. Bringing in love and light is very simple. Practice bringing more love and light into your life by sharing a smile and positive energy. Practice living from the heart.


“We honor and respect you as a spiritual being.”  This is what Namaste means.  Thus, We believe everybody has a fountain of love inside, and everybody is a light-bearer.  Hotel Love and Light is a platform for us to fulfill our capacities to practice showering love and light to people around us.